Introducing: Ape Mode — Unleash the degen within

Ape into leverage trading thanks to SpiritSwap on Fantom

What is Ape Mode?

Ape Mode will provide our users with a simplified, one-click leverage trade opportunity, offering up to 3x leverage to begin with. To start with we will be allowing long positions for the following assets (with more assets being added further down the track):

  • $FTM
  • $ICE
  • $LQDR
  • $TAROT

How does Ape Mode work?

The leverage function is facilitated when a user deposits FTM (as an example) as collateral. That FTM is then used to take out a loan (MIM) on Abracadabra. This MIM is then used to purchase more FTM. This additional FTM you have purchased is considered the “leverage” you open the “long” position with.


Using Ape Mode is pretty straightforward, but let’s see how it’s done.

Supply ApeMode with your own capital to earn passive returns.



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