Exchange tokens, earn with liquidity pools, and farm with this native Fantom DEX.


Why build a DEX on Fantom?

Fantom can offer a lot as a smart contract platform: (1) low gas fees (2) short block times (3) more decentralized than BSC (4) EVM compatible (read more here). These advantages can allow a DeFi ecosystem to flourish on Fantom…

The great migration

Recently we will be pushing changes that will wrap up the farm migration process to boosted farms.

This is ahead of the time we originally planned for the migration to take effect. We are doing this because it aligns well with our DAO multi sig being approved. …

What is winSPIRIT?

winSPIRIT is the wrapped version of inSPIRIT that autofarms and protocols can create to incentivize their accumulation of inSPIRIT. A protocol has an interest in accumulating inSPIRIT in order to increase the APR of their SpiritSwap boosted farm vaults.

Holding inSPIRIT enables the vaults to get the max boost of…


A native DEX for the Fantom blockchain. Trading, staking, farming, and more to come!

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