This is my #SoullyStare — Promotion

Soully told us he wants to go viral! He’s a demanding little spirit, so we figured we would oblige him, but we need your help SpiritSquad!

To help Soully on his quest, we have decided to launch the “This is my #soullystare” promotion.

Each week, there will be $500 worth of SPIRIT up for grabs. To win this you simply have to follow the directions below.

Back Drop:
We want you to recreate your profile picture on both Twitter and Discord by adding Soully’s eyes to your existing profile picture (PFP).

The resources to do so can be found in the following links:

Left eye: SOULLYeyeLEFT.png
Right eye: SOULLYeyeRIGHT.png

To update your PFP using the links above, community members simply have to:

1. Open your PFP on Paint

2. Click “Select”, on the dropdown menu and enable “Transparent selection”

3. Click “Paste” and on the dropdown menu click “Paste from”

4. Find Soully’s eyes image (using links above) and click “Open”

5. Resize them to fit the eyes of your PFP

6. Save

Once you have saved your profile picture upgrade, the next steps to participate in the promotion are:

1. Add the new PFP to your Discord PFP
2. Add the new PFP to your Twitter PDP
3. Keep your PFP set this way in order to continue to participate in this promotion.

At the beginning of each week, we will post on Twitter an “ENGAGEMENT TWEET” that reads “Let’s see your #soullystare.”

This is US letting YOU know that this week’s promotion is now live.

To enter the promotion, you will need to retweet that tweet, and quote the following within that retweet:

  1. “This is my #soullystare”
  2. Tag @Spirit_Swap, $SPIRIT, $FTM.
  3. Post your Discord handle (so we can confirm you have also updated your Discord PFP)

At the end of each week, we will randomly pick a winner who has met the entry criteria and announce them via Twitter.

This will be an ongoing promotion each week, so as long as you keep your PFP set as Soully’s eyes and engage with each week’s “ENGAGEMENT TWEET”, you will have a chance to win $500 worth of SPIRIT every week!

Our first promotional round will commence in 24 hours, so make sure to update your profile picture (following the instructions above) and keep an eye out for our Twitter “ENGAGEMENT TWEET” .

Any questions, feel free to jump in our Discord and ask one of our mods or admins.

SpiritSwap Team

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