SpiritSwap partners with Starter to deliver a new means of fundraising to Fantom.

With Starter already dominating the launch pad space across Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, they now have their sights set on Fantom as a catalyst for driving growth and adding liquidity across the ecosystem we all share a passion for. SpiritSwap is thrilled to announce our partnership with Starter, which will deliver more value and an opportunity for our users to gain early access to some of the most promising projects launching on Fantom.

Having raised more than $20M USD in fundraising rounds, Starter widely proved its valuable support to projects across different chains. After realizing Fantom’s potential due to its high throughput, low transaction fees, and supreme scalability, it was a no-brainer for Starter to enter our market. Working together, SpiritSwap and Starter aim to offer developers a secure and automated place to deploy their projects on Fantom’s Opera Network.

By partnering with the most advanced multichain community fundraising platform, SpiritSwap aims to deliver a streamlined, well-tested, and secure fundraising platform, enabling developers and investors trustless access to the Fantom ecosystem.

In order to offer sustained liquidity for both SPIRIT and START, the prerequisite for entering IDO’s offered by SpiritStarter will be staking SPIRIT/STARTER LP on SpiritSwap. This is the “golden ticket”.

Starter’s unique selling point surrounds the fact that native currency like SPIRIT can be used as purchasing power for fundraising rounds. We see this as a unique feature that offers our users the opportunity to stake, earn, and invest. The developer of each project will have the choice of fundraising in SPIRIT, FTM, or USDC.

To ensure our users’ capital remains active in between fundraising rounds, rewards will also be offered for providing liquidity to SPIRIT/START LP. This allows for a “hedge” against impermanent loss and ensures that liquidity remains robust.

Rug pulls and bad actors are a huge concern for our community, especially in light of recent events. SpiritStarter hopes to mitigate these risks via Starter’s inherent automatic liquidity locking procedure. “Every IDO that takes place through SpiritStarter will utilise Starter’s unique VEST liquidity locker to secure tokens on the developer’s behalf". This is required to happen prior to listing on SpiritSwap’s Exchange. Through this process, we achieve a safeguarding effect for investors to install an added layer of protection against “rug pulls”.

SpiritSwap and Starter aim to work in tandem to deliver quality projects to our users on the Fantom ecosystem. This will be achieved through co-marketing and utilizing SpiritSwap’s platform for launching new IDOs that fit in with our standard.

We look forward to working closely with the Starter team in achieving our goal of delivering fresh, new, and exciting investment opportunities for the Fantom community at large.



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