SpiritSwap partners with KekTools for integration of interactive multi pair charts

SpiritSwap X Kek.Tools

SpiritSwap were the first DEX of Fantom to offer chart integration with our AMM. Early on we recognized that charts were important to our loyal day traders allowing for them to have access to the required infrastructure to chart and monitor their preferred trading pairs.

Providing the most up to date and reliable resources for active traders is important to us. The more provisions we allow for these active traders the more fees we can ultimately collect for inSPIRIT holders. As a part of our push to revamp and improve the efficiency of our site, we have came to the conclusion that we need to integrate 3rd party applications for features like charts, so less maintenance is needed from our end, allowing us to focus on building out new products such as Ape Mode, UI V2 and improvement of issues such as concentrated liquidity and increased capital efficiency.

It is for this reason we have partnered with KekTools to integrate their superior chart feeds directly to the SpiritSwap exchange application. As a part of this partnership, KekTools will also be offering SpiritSwap their new “interactive multi pair charts”, which again will be a first of its kind for a DEX to offer on Fantom.

As a part of this agreement, KekTools will be responsible for chart maintenance moving forward, allowing SpiritSwap breathing space to focus less on maintenance and more on building new products that will bolster our ecosystem and make a meaningful impact on our community.

We want to take a moment to thank KekTools for the quick turnaround on this integration and applaud their professional approach to establishing this partnership with us. We feel assured knowing that KekTools are going to offer our traders the chart experience that they deserve as we continue to push towards optimization and enhancing user experience for our community.


Spirit Team

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