Medium Monday #4: Liquidity From Concentrate

2 min readApr 1, 2024

This concentrated liquidity stuff is real tricky — good thing SpiritSwap has the best developers on the network 👀. We have been able to conquer the plugin issues for Paraswap. This is incredible given our team had to design it from scratch, and was able to do so within a week.

If you’re reading between the lines here, that means v3 Concentrated Liquidity should be out this week, likely early this week. We are incredibly pleased to announce that with that comes the whole suite of UI integrations for how to choose the liquidity levels you want to provide, how much, and what that liquidity looks like visually. We value launching only the best and most complete products.

You will be able to effortlessly and quickly swap all the tokens you have been swapping, and with the same speed and precision as before. With this v3 launch, SpiritSwap will be providing close to $60k in initial liquidity for various pairs that I have outlined below:

$10,000 in WFTM/LZUSDC
$10,000 in WFTM/AxlUSDC
$10,000 in WFTM/MIM
$10,000 in LzUSDC/AxlUSDC
$3,000 in WFTM/ETH
$3,000 in WFTM/BTC
$3,000 in WFTM/STG
$3,000 in WFTM/SPIRIT
$3,000 in WFTM/fBOMB
$3,000 in WFTM/MCLB

We are so excited to get these pools out alongside v3, and we cannot wait for everyone to provide liquidity alongside us at their launch! We know that v3 is an exciting step forward for SpiritSwap into it’s master plan of becoming the best DEX on Fantom Sonic, but it cannot be understated that it is just the very beginning of whats to come for SpiritSwap.

Does anyone here like airdrops? 🔮




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