Medium Monday #1: Team Spirit

3 min readMar 11, 2024

And they said SpiritSwap wouldn’t survive past September…

For many, the people behind SpiritSwap now, in its current state, have probably felt to be shrouded in a mysterious cloud of segmented announcements, twitter hacks, dev updates, and a few AMAs. All of these things are great, but they don’t always service a need that is a little bit harder to satiate: showing our comunity who WE, the new SpiritSwap team, are.

I who am writing this (Mascot) work as the team manager. That’s a fun little title I give myself for being the guy who schedules the meetings. Team members like Shadow, Boom, Beerdev, & Andos really provide the meat-and-potatoes of the heart of the SpiritSwap community work. They’re the gentlemen who see your tickets first, answer questions when their family tells them to ‘get off their phone already’, and who always go to bat for what YOU, the user are saying in our meetings.

Teammates like Digital Mcduck handle our Social Media coordination and visual art departments, and others like DonRobert tirelessly build all of the wonderful visual representations, charts, and graphs you will see us share. Without these guys there would be no clear and concise presentation of the work we are doing every day, nor the best roadmap to know what we are building.

Pol, Sifex, and Sweefty make up the Developmental department with Pol as senior developer/CTO. Sifex and Sweefty assist on blockchain management and user interface and experience. These guys are the engine of the train that we ride, and without them we would not be making headway to greener pastures.

It is important to share all this, because we want YOU, our community, to view us as we view ourselves: a small team of 10 who have been working together for the better part of three years, bonded by friendship and common-ground. We know each other, we know our strengths, we know our weaknesses, and we know how best to support one another. SpiritSwap may have once, and will be again, a large exchange, but it will always be run with the heart of a small family.

No other project of this size can have a singular Discord or Telegram community comment/bug be noted by a moderator, brought to the dev team, and subsequently have an update out to fix that comment or bug, all within 30 minutes. This is the power of our small team. We have no team hierarchy. We all began as investors and enthusiasts of Crypto and the burgeoning technology we all saw it becoming. It is this heart that gives us an edge. We will work for free, if only to make SpiritSwap the product we ourselves would be proud to use.

In future posts we will continue to talk about how we work as a team, how things develop and build from words in meeting, to thoughts on paper, to brand new tokenomics on the open-ledger. (Not to spread any alpha here 👀) V3 and Concentrated liquidity are incredibly close. We are highly confident that quarter one will see these updates. That is only the beginning. When this small team starts running, we go at a sprint.

Together we can make SpiritSwap for everyone what it already is to us: home.




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