Liquid Driver x SpiritSwap — Working together to bring a new wave of liquidity on Fantom

SpiritSwap is delighted to reveal our newest integration with Liquid Driver. With our goal of delivering solid liquidity to the Fantom ecosystem as well as lucrative yield integrations for our loyal users, this partnership was a no-brainer for both parties.

Firstly, for those who are not aware, let’s shed some light on what Liquid Driver is and where it fits into “the fold”. Liquid Driver is Fantom’s first liquidity mining dApp offering on-demand liquidity as a service. With SpiritSwap being one of Fantom’s leading DEXes, it made total sense to work with Liquid Driver towards achieving our common goal of bolstering the Fantom ecosystem at large.

With the much anticipated deployment of Liquid Driver’s V2 protocol, users are now able to dip into a plethora of new yield bearing features on Liquid Driver. Summarised below, this partnership will offer the following benefits:

  • Buying LQDR on SpiritSwap
  • Earning SPIRIT rewards through xLQDR
  • liquidSpirit — wrapped version of inSPIRIT
  • Yield farming in Spirit Land
  • Boosted pools (double rewards)
  • Standard pools (LQDR rewards)
  • Upcoming Pools

These developments are geared to benefit users by providing broader utility for LQDR and more opportunities to maximize yields on Liquid Driver, especially for big-brain users holding both xLQDR and inSPIRIT (more on this further on).

So, without further ado, let’s take a detailed look at the benefits behind the new features achieved by this partnership.

Buying LQDR on SpiritSwap

As an element to solidify this partnership, Liquid Driver has migrated developer liquidity in entirety to SpiritSwap, enabling users to have access to lightning quick transitions and reliability of trade. Further to this, using our limit order tab, users who are passionate daytraders of the LQDR token will now be able to hone their trading strategy thanks to of our limit order function.

Spirit Land

Enter a dreamlike yield farming experience in Liquid Driver’s very own Spirit Land. Users can Provide Liquidity on SpiritSwap, stake the LP tokens in a selection of seven new pools, and farm both single and double token emissions. You asked and we delivered!

Boosted pools

Spirit Land’s boosted pools are a unique addition whereby they reward stakers with a lucrative yield via double token reward! Essentially, this collaboration has resulted in both teams seeding these pools with double rewards to further incentivize interaction.


An easy favorite for yield farmers on Liquid Driver, the LQDR-FTM has leveled up with a special reward combination of:

  • SPIRIT for all liquidity providers (emitted over 2 months)
  • LQDR airdropped exclusively to inSPIRIT holders in the pool

LQDR-SPIRIT “the cherry on top!”

Both teams were super excited to “drive” this one. Users who “drive” into a boosted LQDR-SPIRIT pool will earn both LQDR and wFTM rewards! The aim here was to add a more lucrative and diverse approach to the reward process! Two’s better than one right, so we figured, why not have both?

Standard Pools

Spirit Land is also home to these five in-demand pools on Liquid Driver, offering a steady flow of LQDR emissions for stakers:


Upcoming Pools

Spirit Land is ever-expanding and will offer more pools for passionate users to dip into.

  • wETH-FTM
  • wBTC-FTM

Earning Spirit rewards through xLQDR

One of the focus points of Liquid Driver’s V2 model was evolving their vault strategies to stay competitive and offer users a new and innovative approach to gaining yield. Now, funds from Liquid Driver’s various pools are used to farm on SpiritSwap, with those yields then being distributed directly to xLQDR holders via Liquid Driver’s “revenue sharing vault”.

Users will now be empowered with the ability to farm LQDR in Spirit Land, delegate it for xLQDR, then claim from the daily flow of SPIRIT rewards via the aforementioned functionality. Delegation times range from two weeks up to two years. Remember the longer you delegate, the more SPIRIT rewards you will harvest alongside the other tokens!

inSPIRIT to liquidSpirit

With the recent deployment of inSPIRIT, the Liquid Driver team jumped at the opportunity to seamlessly integrate with the Liquid Driver protocol resulting in liquidSpirit — a unique token with its own rewards and utility!

liquidSpirit will allow users to exchange their SPIRIT tokens for liquidSpirit at a 1:1 ratio. With the SPIRIT locked in perpetuity, Liquid Driver will use the liquidSPIRIT generated to enhance the APRs in the boosted farms, thus increasing yields for xLQDR holders.

Please note as is with all wrapped inSPIRIT derivatives, a 1:1 ratio can only be guaranteed with the initial swap. As swapping of this pair continues, depending on volume and liquidity at the time, when swapping back from liquidSPIRIT to SPIRIT, the same rates can not be guaranteed.

Users can then stake their liquidSpirit to earn the yields generated by inSPIRIT or provide liquidity for SPIRIT-liquidSpirit to earn more LQDR.

Continued growth and development.

This is just the beginning. With the solidification of this pact in place, both teams have found a working synergy like no other. It’s safe to say this is just the first of many features we look forward to offering to passionate DeFi users. Please stay tuned for more updates on the evolution of this amazing partnership.

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