Introducing Charon and Spirits of The Month

SpiritSwap’s Charon

Hello SpiritSquad! As you may have noticed over the last two weeks, there has been much excitement about what our team has been cooking up surrounding our Spirit guide, “Charon”, and “Spirits of the Month” (SOM).

To engage our loyal community, we decided to create something that’s never been done before.

Without further ado, let me introduce “Charon”, our new bot, custom-built thanks to FTM bot scientist (rabTAI) and SpritSwap Community Manager (Nzaru), who will enable loyal SPIRIT holders access to an exclusive rewards and giveaway club on Discord.

How it works

Those who have at least 2,500 SPIRIT will have the opportunity to interact with Charon.

To determine eligibility, we’ll count the tokens held in MetaMask along with the LPs deposited on SpiritSwap and the tokens locked for inSPIRIT.

Depending on how many SPIRIT tokens you hold, you may be eligible for:

  • Bronze tier: 2,500 SPIRIT
  • Silver tier: 5,000 SPIRIT
  • Gold tier: 7,500 SPIRIT

As you can see, we lowered the amount of SPIRIT required after the recent price increase of the token and also raised the giveaway budget by 3X. Each of these tiers will have different rewards, with increasingly interesting prizes!

After verifying their wallet address with Charon, eligible SPIRIT holders will be granted a “Spirit of the Month” role within our Discord server by Charon automatically once we take snapshots regularly.

This role will give access to our exclusive SOM giveaway channel “Realm of Spirits” and will give users a chance to enjoy airdrops from our partners, merchandise, NFTs, SPIRIT rewards, FTM tokens and more!

Over the course of each month, a minimum of three snapshots will be randomly taken to ensure you retain eligibility to remain in the “Realm of Spirits”.

Please note: eligibility = holding or staking 2,500/5,000/7,500 SPIRIT (or the equivalent across liquidity pools) on SpiritSwap.

When each snapshot is taken, this will trigger our “giveaway bot” in the “Realm of Spirits” channel, which will give those with SOM roles 24 hours to react with the prompted emoji, giving you a chance to win the bounty offered.

At the end of each giveaway, winners will be announced. A final review of the winner’s wallet will validate that the winner is in fact still eligible (see eligibility above), and the reward will be granted.

If a Spirits of the Month member wins more than one reward at the same giveaway, the member will keep the first prize and the second prize will be re-rolled to be won again. This is to decrease the chance of luck and aims to reward more members as much as possible.

If the winner is not eligible, (e.g. they have sold their SPIRIT to a point that it is below the eligibility threshold) then a new giveaway will proceed to select a new winner.

Members who are awarded the SOM role will retain this role as long as they met the requirements and validation of eligibility will take place before any reward is awarded.

At the beginning of each new month, once the first snapshot of that month takes place, all users who have already validated their address with Charon, will be automatically assigned the SOM role for that month moving forward and the process will repeat (i.e. you only need to validate your wallet once).

The aim behind this incentive is to reward those who continue to remain loyal to the SPIRIT token, by providing access to an exclusive giveaway club. As long as you hold your SPIRIT, you will continue to have access to the “Realm of Spirits” and the bounties that lie within.

May the odds be in your favor!


Holding the minimum amount of SPIRIT throughout the entire month will grant loyal users complete eligibility to the Spirit of the Month program and the possibility to be among the winners.

In order to receive the prizes, winners must remain eligible when the rewards are distributed. No reward will be given to users who get the role and sell their SPIRIT tokens between the snapshots.

How to summon Charon

  • Access SpiritSwap Discord here and, if you haven’t already, complete verification with captcha.
  • Head over to the #River-Styx subchannel and type !charon.
  • Charon will DM you to start the quick verification process.

How to validate your address with Charon

  • After summoning Charon, he will DM you with the following message:
    “Click the button to verify your MetaMask address. If you don’t verify within 2 minutes, this link will be invalid.”
  • Click the button displayed, which will take you to a SpiritSwap subdomain.
  • Once on the page, simply click “Connect To MetaMask” and approve the connection with MetaMask. This will link your wallet ID with your Discord account so that we know who is eligible for rewards when giveaways commence.

Tada! All done! You are now verified to be a “Spirit of the Month”. As long as you remain eligible, this role will automatically be assigned to you each month moving forward. There is no need to validate each month as the infamous Charon will do this automatically.

Other Commands

!charon // to start the verifying process.
!charonhelp // to list all the commands (for users only)
!ccheck // to let Charon DM users for their verified addresses with Discord username
!cchange // to let Charon DM users to change their current verified address (user needs to re-verify)
!cremove // to let Charon DM users to remove their current verified address.

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Thanks to our dear Nzaru




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A native DEX for the Fantom blockchain. Trading, staking, farming, and more to come!

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