Exchange tokens, earn with liquidity pools, and farm with this native Fantom DEX.


Why build a DEX on Fantom?

Fantom can offer a lot as a smart contract platform: (1) low gas fees (2) short block times (3) more decentralized than BSC (4) EVM compatible (read more here). These advantages can allow a DeFi ecosystem to flourish on Fantom…

Soully told us he wants to go viral! He’s a demanding little spirit, so we figured we would oblige him, but we need your help SpiritSquad!

To help Soully on his quest, we have decided to launch the “This is my #soullystare” promotion.

Each week, there will be $500 worth…

Hello SpiritSquad! As you may have noticed over the last two weeks, there has been much excitement about what our team have been cooking up surrounding our Spirit guide, “Charon”, and “Spirits of the Month” (SOM).

To engage our loyal community, we decided to create something that’s never been done…

Hi SpiritSquad!

inSPIRIT was launched just one month ago, and we have already reached close to 100M SPIRIT locked! We are humbled, thanks for all this overwhelming support!

The mechanism of locking SPIRIT for inSPIRIT opened a multiverse of possibilities and strategies, depending on duration of lock periods, locking/farming proportions…

SpiritSwap is delighted to reveal our newest integration with Liquid Driver. With our goal of delivering solid liquidity to the Fantom ecosystem as well as lucrative yield integrations for our loyal users, this partnership was a no-brainer for both parties.

Firstly, for those who are not aware, let’s shed some…

We hope this article can help explain this inSPIRIT wrapper more clearly

Don’t mind me. Just a little banner for the article.
  • winSPIRIT = wrapped inSPIRIT = a general term for any wrapped inSPIRIT token such as ginSPIRIT. A few more wrapped inSPIRIT tokens are planned to launch upcoming.
  • autofarm = yield optimizer (e.g. Reaper, Grim, Beefy, etc)


winSPIRIT →…

SpiritSwap is excited to take our partnership with Grim.Finance to the next level, delivering a new use case for inSpirit. Introducing GinSPIRIT!

By combining the power of our newest feature (inSPIRIT) with Grim Finance’s auto compounding smart vaults, a new masterpiece of yield optimization has been created !

Together, the…

Lending is now live on SpiritSwap’s lending network, thanks to!

Earlier this week, we announced the launch of SpiritSwap’s initial decentralized lending network. This service runs using the Ola Finance lending protocol, adopting the configurations discussed in our previous article.

Here, we aim to provide you with a brief…

With Starter already dominating the launch pad space across Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, they now have their sights set on Fantom as a catalyst for driving growth and adding liquidity across the ecosystem we all share a passion for.

Hey SpiritSquad! We hope you enjoyed meeting Charon!

Today, we’d like to introduce something very special we’ve been developing for the last few months. As the saying goes, “good things take time”, and we must say that we are very proud of how this project turned out.

It’s with great…


A native DEX for the Fantom blockchain. Trading, staking, farming, and more to come!

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